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Fischbach Roof Top Units

Fischbach roof top units have been specially developed for use in effective ventilation systems. The complete range is made of water-resistant material with a 40mm strong isolation and is also equipped with galvanized bird grids. Especially by our EC-motor version with integrated pressure control, an even better energy efficiency is achieved, compared to conventional models. Also in the area of noise level, the Fischbach with Disc-Rotor Motor / EC Disc-Rotor-Motor with dual acoustic decoupling affords distinguishing attributes.

Easy to install, maintenance-free and efficient.

The units 41.101 to 41.409 have a FISCHBACH-COMPACT-FAN – D / DS-series – with forward curved blades, double inlet. The units 41.410 to 41.413 have a FISCHBACH-HIGH EFFICIENCY FAN – HD-series – with backward curved blades, double inlet. The units 40-1 to 40-3/3 have a FISCHBACH-COMPACT-FAN – CE-series – with forward curved blades, single inlet.

Casing steel-galvanized frame construction from robust Aluminium profiles, with plastic corner pieces and removable casing panels with P.V.C. frame, in double skin construction 41mm deep. Insulation of mineral fibre, not flammable, with high thermal resistance and high acoustic insulaton value.

  • protection tye IP 65
  • speed controllable 0-100%
  • installed thermal contact
  • insulation class F
  • bearing maintenance-free
  • user defined mounting position
  • several discharge directions
  • multi-functional applicable

Roof Top Units – 40. Flat Series

Fischbach Roof Top Unit 40. Flat Series

Download material for the Roof Top Unit – 40. Flat Series

Diagram Overview
Dimensons – Assignment of Speed Controllers

Roof Top Units – 41. Standard Series

Fischbach Roof Top Unit 41. Standard Series

Fischbach Roof Top Unit 41. Standard Series Backview

Download material of the Fischbach Roof Top Units 41. Standard Series

Assignment of Speed Controllers
Diagram Overview
Sound Data

Product table of the Roof Top Unit 41. Standard Series

Product Data Sheet (PDF)Voltage
Typ 41.101230V
Typ 41.102230V
Typ 41.103230V
Typ 41.104230V
Typ 41.201230V
Typ 41.202230V
Typ 41.203230V
Typ 41.308400V
Typ 41.309400V
Typ 41.310400V
Typ 41.311400V
Typ 41.406400V
Typ 41.407400V
Typ 41.409400V
Typ 41.410400V
Typ 41.411400V
Typ 41.412400V
Typ 41.413400V

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