Fans and Ventilation Technology

Fischbach Luft- und Ventilatortechnik GmbH - 365 days of fresh air and a perfect climate.

Fischbach stands for expertise in Ventilator and Fan Applications.

With our worldwide known Disc-Rotor-Motor/EC-Disc-Rotor-Motor we are producing proven and high quality products for ventilator and air condition technology for more than 50 years.

At Fischbach Air and Ventilation Technology we manufacture all the components that make up compact fans, starting with the motor and ending with a full air handling unit and controls. This makes it possible for Fischbach to be independent of the suppliers and hence to provide tightly focused ventilation solutions for customers.



Fischbach Freilaufende Räder mit EC-Motor

Compact & silent with our effiecient EC-Plug fans

FISCHBACH fans are fully mounted and exactly adjusted for the desired operating point. The appropriate controlling is set through a 0-10Volt interface or optionally through MODBUS-RTU.

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Advantages of our fans and ventilators

  • our Fischbach standard products are immediately available from stock. Order today – arrival already tomorrow!
  • more flexibility regarding our custom-made ventilation products to meet customers requirements!
  • Energy Efficiency (EC Motor)
  • new technical achievements
  • ErP conformity
  • very compact construction – internal motor
  • protection class IP65 – sealed stator (jet water protected)
  • insulation class f (155°)
  • thermal overload protection by integrated thermocontact
  • free of vibrations – the motor/fan assembly is decoupled on both sides with rubber mountings and dynamic balanced up to q1 (iso 1940 part 1)
  • 100 % adjustable voltage with the fischbach speed controller (no EMV-problems) and 0-10 Volts (EC Motor)
  • Fischbach fans can be mounted in every position
  • and many more.


The air conditioning challenges and our ventilation solutions:

Installation time – Ready-to-install fan systems save Fischbach customers valuable installation time

Efficiency – Lower energy consumption and noise is the result with the Fischbach EC-Motor

Quality – High quality standard and several corrosion protection systems

Competence – More than 50 years of experience in fan solutions for ventilation applications


Main product features of the Fans and Ventilaton Technology

  • FISCHBACH standard products are available immediately.
  • High flexibility in special designs
  • Energy-efficient technology (EC motor) and continuous development
  • ErP conform
  • Compact fan design and motor inside
  • Protection class IP65 – stator potted (water protected)
  • Temperature class F (155 ° C)
  • Thermal overload protection through built-in thermal contact
  • Vibration – free unit decoupled on both sides by rubber bearings and balanced up to Q1 (ISO 194 part 1)
  • 100% tension-adjustable with the FISCHBACH Speed controller (no EMC problems) with EC motors over 0-10-Volt interface
  • Can be installed in any position
  • High motor protection class IP65
  • Separate EC controller, for flexibility
  • extensive functions, e.g. Pressure control and similar
  • very compact motor design
  • ErP conform


Applications of our Fans and Ventilators


  • Automotive Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Shipyard Industry
  • HVAC Applications
  • Machine Industry
  • Petrol Industry
  • Nuclear Power plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Life stock industry
  • IT Server room Cooling
  • Professional Restaurant


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