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Fischbach Purifier … The Silent One

Fischbach Purifier - 99,995% Pure Air - Made in Germany

Mobile Air Purifier Especially Made for Quiet Operating Motor-Impeller-Combination

The new Air Purifier from FISCHBACH for minimizing the risk of infection filters 99.995% of all aerosols from the air and, with its high air exchange rate, ensures safe air purification for closed rooms in schools, offices, waiting rooms, sport studios and many other areas of public life. It is operated via a standard 230 volt socket and can therefore be used anywhere at any time.

Filter Sections:

  • 1. EPM 10 75%
  • 2. EPM 1 55%
  • 3. HEPA H14


Fischbach Air Purifier Side View


  • Just deploy and switch on.
  • Filters 99,995% of all aerosols
  • Position changeable anytime
  • Very low operating noise.
  • Ideal for closed rooms
  • High air exchange rate

Filtering Process in Detail

Air Purifier Filtering Process

Air Purifiers Minimize the Risk of Virus Infection

Stop Virus Infection with our Air Purifier

In addition to the continuous regulation of the air volume and the LED operation switch, the integrated control unit also ensures that the filter inserts are replaced in good time by means of the integrated LED signal light. This guarantees year-round safe operation. The energy-saving EC motors from FISCHBACH also guarantee a long service life and a very low noise level.

Especially in the winter pure air is very important in closed rooms. The Fischbach Air Purifier ensures an effective reduction of aerosols with it’s high air exchange rate.

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