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Fischbach FANGRID products are used for various applications, such as in ventilation systems with high volume flows or in the retrofit business and offers a high degree of energy efficiency and maximum flexibility in construction. In addition FISCHBACH FANGRIDS are able to operate with most of the common building system technology such as MOD-BUS available to view the most important parameters of each centrifugal fan in the monitoring. Thus, e.g. if one fan fails, other fans control to work the previously set operating point within seconds and thus ensure a safe operating function.

Fischbach Fangrid

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Fischbach FANGRID solutions are available in various designs. Cubes for a quick installation as well as plug fans for individual customization on site as well as our FISCHBACH COMPACT-FANGRID solutions for plug & play installation and commissioning. In addition, we always offer individual solutions for customized inquiries. All our FANGRID products comply with the latest European ErP standards.

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