Research & Development

Research and development at Fischbach

Being prepared to face the increasing challenges of the future means progress.
The increasing networking of markets and growing competitive pressure motivates our business to develop the technical and innovative field of ventilation products consistently. Starting with market research, over project planning up to the production – All processes pass a strict monitoring and a constant optimization of the individual work steps.

The promptness and security resulting from this, guarantees maximum flexibility to meet future demands of the market widely and to implement product innovations in the assortment of our customers. Especially in the field of energy-efficient motor technology, Fischbach attaches importance to exceed energy efficiency classes and comply with ErP norms, which are required by EU law.

Trendsetting self-development of Fischbach®

The continuous development of the proven disc rotor motor to the advanced and energy efficient EC-technology is considered as special and worldwide newly structure in the field of ventilation technology. The EC-disc rotor motor has been integrated successfully into the existing motor design. Therefore, it also provides the well-known advantages of the Fischbach disc rotor motor, such as the high protection class IP65, a compact design, motor inside the airflow, insulation class F and a high application temperate up to 80/100°C. In addition, there is the new self-developed EC-controller.

A striking solution in 2-processor-technology, which ensures more flexibility in business. The Fischbach EC-controller works sensorless.

Fischbach Centrifugal Fan with Freewheeling Impeller

Fischbach EC Disk Rotor Motor

Advantages of Fischbach EC-technology:

  • High protection class IP65
  • EC-controller, separated from the motor – for more flexibility
  • Extensive functions, e.g. pressure controlling, and much more.
  • Very compact design
  • ErP conform