Centrifugal Fans

The FISCHBACH CENTRIFUGAL COMPACT FANS are the result of a 50-year-experience and first in performance and operation as a result of continous improvement research and development.

Centrifugal Fans for high quality ventilation

  • protection class IP 65 standard
  • insulation class F (T=155°)
  • 0-100% speed controllable by voltage or by EC-Controller 0-10 Volts.
  • thermal overload protection by integrated thermal contact
  • high working temperature: up to 80/100°C
  • very compact construction – internal motor / motor positioned in the impeller
  • vibration free by static/dynamic balance (up to grade Q1), according to ISO1940, part 1
  • mounting in every desired position
  • air volume up to 25.000 m³/h with forward curved blades impeller, 40.000 m³/h with backward curved blades impeller and pressure up to 2000 Pa (at 50 Hz)
  • impeller arrangement in single inlet or double inlet configuration
  • steep pressure/volume performance characteristic
  • the Fischbach Disc-Rotor-Motor / EC Disc-Rotor-Motor adjusts its power to the operating point pressure/air flow volume
  • customer requirement – special motor voltage, -frequency, dimensions, impeller, etc.
  • centrifugal compact fan „superflat“, single inlet with a depth of 150 mm up to 200 mm