Fischbach Axial Fans

Fischbach axial fans are used when larger volume flows have to be promoted with lower pressure increases. In addition to the application for ventilation of buildings or as duct fan, axial fans are used for cooling (automotive and food industry) and smoke removal (garage ventilation, industrial exhaust air).

Fischbach Axial Fans

Fischbach Axial Fans without frame

Fischbach Axial Fans mounted backview

Fischbach Axial Fans mounted frontview

Fischbach Axial Fans galvanized

Fischbach Axial Fans galvanized round frame

  • FISCHBACH AXIAL FAN with internal FISCHBACH Disc Rotor Motor
  • Impeller material plastic
  • 4 poles, 230V/400V/50Hz/60Hz
  • 0…100% adjustable by voltage
  • insulation class F (155°) according to VDE 0530
  • Motor protection class IP65 (electrical part) according to DIN 40050 with CE sign
  • cased or plate mounted

The internal fan assembly has been dynamic balanced according to ISO 1940 part 1 up to grade Q1. The FISCHBACH disc rotor motor is protected against overheating by a thermal contact. The maximum permissible ambient temperature is up to 80°C.

FISCHBACH AXIAL FANS (standard series) technical performances: air volume up to 18.000m³/h; statical pressure up to 200 Pa.

Long-life ball bearings, maintenance free (with long-life lubrication), impeller made of plastic (AW) or Aluminium pressure diecast (A), low sound level, cost saving, easy mounting in any plane possible, cased and plate mounted variants.

Producttables about our Axial Fans

Product Data Sheet(PDF)VoltageMotor
AW315/E 15230VStandard
AW350/E 15230VStandard
AW420/E 15230VStandard
AW500/E 35230VStandard
AW500/D 500400VStandard
AW560/E 65230VStandard
AW560/D 850400VStandard
AW630/D 1400VStandard
AW630/D 850400VStandard
AW630/E 80230VStandard

Product Data Sheet(PDF)VoltageMotor
AW315/EM 15230VEC-Motor
AW350/EM 15230VEC-Motor
AW420/EM 15230VEC-Motor
AW500/EM 35230VEC-Motor
AW500/DM 500400VEC-Motor
AW560/EM 850230VEC-Motor
AW560/DM 850400VEC-Motor
AW630/EM 850230VEC-Motor
AW630/DM 850400VEC-Motor
AW630/DM 1400VEC-Motor