Fischbach EC-Disc-Rotor-Motor

The FISCHBACH EC-Disc-Rotor-Motor with special and superior design is a development of Fischbach GmbH.

Fischbach EC Disc Rotor

Fischbach EC Disc Rotor

The new specially designed rotor with embedded magnets and the equally new stator plate anchor technique, an even higher efficiency is achieved, in contrast to classic motor, which exceed the current ErP Directive. In addition, the new, proprietary EC Controller, the suitable solution in 2 processor technology, which provides more flexibility in operation.

The Fischbach -EC-controller works sensorless, auto-adaptive, highly efficient and adapts to every fan curve and can even work after the time-tested slip of Fischbach Disc-Rotor-Motor, as well as speed and volume constant. Customer-specific applications can be implemented easily and quickly. The Fischbach-EC Controller is equipped with many motor protection functions that ensure a 100% fan operation.

The new Fischbach EC controller – performance in perfection

Fischbach EC Controller EC1

Fischbach EC Controller EC1

The 3rd generation Fischbach EC controller ensures even more efficient control of our ventilation products with EC motors (PM motors). The extended communicative features offers the best integration into intelligent building control systems.

Features of the advanced processor technology at a glance:

  • even higher efficiency up to 40% +
  • minimized noise level
  • performance increase of 30% +

The extended protection functions, the high flexibility (additional relay output) and the optional serial interface (RS485) shows the steady progress in the field of efficient engine technology from Fischbach.

Available for all our products of series D-DS, CE, CFE, CEK – compact fans, as well as the series AW – axial fans and FLR – freewheeling impellers.

Fischbach EC controller Type F-EC0.5

The Fischbach – EC Controller is designed for speed control / regulation of Fischbach EC motors. The speed can be set with a remote setpoint (device (potentiometer), or with an external 0 – 10V control signal. The EC Controller has a + 10V – power supply for external devices. For the START / STOP function additional connections are not required, since this function works directly with the 0 – implemented control voltage – 10V. When the input voltage is less than 1V, the device is located in a STOP condition (is in STOP state).

As soon as the control voltage 1V has overrun, followed by the positioning of the rotor, the start controller and the engine speed is proportional to the input signal. The sensor less operation is the motor cable only from the three phases and two wires for thermal contact. The two LED’s show the engine state or error messages are displayed. (see function tables in the assembly instructions).

Fischbach EC-Controller Type F-EC0.5

Fischbach EC-Controller Type F-EC0.5

Function Description of the Fischbach EC controller Typ F-EC0.5

The EC-disc rotor motor is electronically commutated by the EC Controller in three phases. The controller operates sensor less, the rotor position is detected and calculated by a special processor in accordance with the motor voltages.

The second processor is responsible for the following protection functions:

  • Motor temperature monitoring (shutdown at over temperature)
  • Current monitoring of the motor (switched off for overcurrent)
  • Mains voltage monitoring (shutdown with overvoltage / under voltage)
  • Voltage drop, or fast on / off switching in succession (loose contact)
  • Temperature monitoring of the controller

Regulation of the EC-Technology

By default, the EC-regulator is driven on a slip torque/speed curve, as in the standard (AC) disc rotor motor, for example, allows a partial compensation of filter pressure drops.

The EC controller is separated from the motor; case of a defective motor, the controller can be maintained, and vice versa. With separate placement of our regulator on the housing of the fan, the high protection class of the motor (IP65) is retained and also the high fan inlet air temperature.

Technical specifications 
Mains voltage required: 1~230V
Max. Electrical power:600W
Max. Current:4,0A
Protection class:IP54
Max. Ambient temperature:35°C
Control signal:0-10V (oder über Sollwertgeber)
Max. current:10mA
Power supply:10V
Max. current:20mA