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Centrifugal Fans for Ventilation Applications

The extensive range of products from FISCHBACH offers the optimum fan for every individual application. In case of air conditioning applications, supply and exhaust air systems, as well as in the field of mechanical engineering and clean room technology, FISCHBACH always offers the right fan.

FISCHBACH Centrifugal Fans (Compact Blowers, Freewheeling Impellers and Axial Fans) are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, which you will not find in vain. Energy efficiency, long lasting quality, uncomplicated handling and extremely favorable life cycle costs are the distinguishing features of FISCHBACH fans. In this view, our free-wheeling impellers with EC-Motor are the most efficient fan with the highest system efficiency, making it the best solution when it comes to energy efficiency.

Fischbach applications roof exhaust


  • High energy efficiency
  • Very low sound emission
  • Motor protection class IP65
  • Maintenance and fault-free
  • Intelligent EC-controller with complete protection functions
  • Mounting in any desired position
  • Quick delivery times

Recommended equipment: Compact fans, Freewheeling impeller and Axial fans.

Roof top fans

FISCHBACH roof top units are famous for high quality and longevity. Thanks to the optimized drive system (EC-dis-rotor-motor motor) and the optional integrated pressure control system, our roof top ventilation units are the optimum solution in terms of processing, advanced technology and energy efficiency and offers a high level of investment security.

Fischbach Roof Top Units on building


  • High energy efficiency
  • Very low sound emission
  • Motor protection class IP65
  • Maintenance and fault-free
  • Intelligent EC-controller with integrated pressure control Stable and weatherproof housing
  • Quick delivery times

Recommended equipment: Roof top units

Fans for industrial and process air applications

Process air fans are an integral part of machines and systems in the industrial sector. They are used for the realization of precisely coordinated ventilation processes and can be used, for example, via MOD-Bus interfaces, etc., of machine control systems. FISCHBACH offers a wide range of single-inlet and double-inlet versions from these specially designed, high-performance fans.

FISCHBACH blowers with air-cooled disc-rotor-motor / EC disc-rotor-motor and compact dimensions also provide maintenance operation.


  • Very low sound emission
  • Motor protection class IP65
  • Maintenance and fault-free
  • Intelligent EC-controller
  • Easy construction
  • Quick delivery times

Fischbach process air application

Recommended equipment: High Efficiency Fans and Axial Fans

Ventilators for exhaust hoods

Especially in commercial kitchens, ventilation technology is an indispensable factor to guarantee optimum working processes. With FISCHBACH kitchen exhaust fans, we ensure a safe air exchange between dirty or greasy exhaust air and clean supply air. Our compact centrifugal blowers with an external motor separated from the airflow or the FMBT series (thermo-exhaust air module) are specially designed for the requirements in kitchens.

In addition to our hygienic and maintenance-friendly housings and the motor outside the airflow, FISCHBACHfans can be used to convey hot media up to 120 ° C.

Fischbach Kitchen Exhaust

Recommended equipment: Kitchen exhaust fans

Scopes of Air conditioning and Air Handling Units application:

  • offices
  • sales rooms
  • hotels
  • warehouses/production halls/industry
  • canteens
  • swimming pools
  • process air technology
  • other public and commercial facilities

Fischbach Air Handling Unit

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