Technical Advice at Fischbach

The experience of more than 50 years of ventilation technology shows, that careful planning and definition of your requirements is always the first priority.

As your operational requirements can be developing and changing over time, we are also pleased to adapt your equipment to new demand situations and technical requirements ideally. We plan ventilation systems and air- handling units very precisely –this further reduces your total operational costs to a minimum and thus maximizes the RoI (Return on Invest) of your air-handling system. In joint cooperation there will be worked out recommended solutions promptly, for your individual requests.

Our project management guarantees an absolutely trouble-free operation from the planning through calculation and production, to final commissioning. You as a customer will be already involved, even during the first project phase. Modern CAD-workplaces, long-standing experiences in all fields of ventilation technology, as well as committed and experienced employees ensure an optimal process of planning, construction and production.

We are looking forward to your technical demands.

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