Foundation of the Fischbach GmbH

The company FISCHBACH GmbH was founded in 1922 by Robert Fischbach in Daaden. Nine years later, the plant has been relocated in Neunkirchen/Siegerland.

Reorganisation of the Product Portfolio

After several changes of the manufacturing program, in 1966, the production of the FISCHBACH compact-radial fan with the patented disc-rotor-motor has been started.

Extension of the Product Range

The range of products has been extended and complemented constantly with axial fans, high-efficiency fans and roof top units, as well as intelligent automatic speed control- systems.

Produktion in der Fischbach Werkhalle Anfang der 1960er

 Fischbach Werkhalle Mitte der 1960er

Brand Development of ACOVEN and BINAR

In 1974, the brand ACOVEN was established and it started with the production of air- conditioning and ventilation systems in the Wittlich plant in the Eifel region. From this time, it has been focused consequently towards the full range of heating, climate control and ventilation technology. In addition, the brand BINAR has been launched into the market with production facilities in Germany and Switzerland, where there has been produced and sold actuators and multi-leaf dampers in various versions.

International Expansion

Foundation of several subsidiaries abroad (amongst others) in Vienna, Thame (England) and Antony, close to Paris (France), as well as in Switzerland.

Fischbach Compact Gebläse

Strategic Reorganisation

Since 2003, the company is pursuing a new strategy: The new management team has committed itself to create a new basis for the future of the company.

Zentrale der Fischbach GmbH in Neunkirchen

New guidelines are:

  • Targeted new investments
  • Products for new markets
  • Most advanced developments in the field of new technologies
  • Continuous product optimization
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Improving customer focus
  • Complete system solutions

FISCHBACH is constantly monitoring the concept to develop products in the field of air- conditioning and ventilation technology, which are sophisticated and structured in line with the market. Excellent examples are our radial fans, axial fans and roof top units, as well as AHU’s (ventilation units from our standard and flat line) with high-efficient components.