Kitchen Exhaust from Fischbach

Kitchen Exhaust FMBT Series

Kitchen exhaust air units from Fischbach with with Disc-Rotor Motor / EC Disc-Rotor-Motor which is separated from the air flow and in compliance with the current VDI guidelines, are used when high volume flows and easy maintenance and cleaning are required. Due to the strong aluminum frame construction with 40mm insulation and the Fischbach with Disc-Rotor Motor / EC Disc-Rotor-Motor, high efficiency will be achieved in addition to a significant low sound level. Easy to clean, energy-efficient, quick assembly and simple maintenance.

Fischbach Kitchen Exhaust Air Units FMBT Series

Fischbach Kitchen Exhaust Air Units FMBT Series Backview

Fischbach Kitchen Exhaust Air Units FMBT Series Frontview

max. air stream: 16.200m³/h

FISCHBACH-thermal exhaust unit with freewheeling impeller with backward curved blades and external IEC standard motor.

Casing steel-galvanized frame construction from robust Aluminium Profiles, with plastic corner pieces and removable casing panels with P.V.C. frame, in double skin construction 41 mm deep. Insulation of mineral fibre, not flammable, with high thermal resistance and high acoustic insulation value.

  • discharge temperature up to 100°C
  • protection type IP 54 / EC-Motor IP65
  • single inlet, with external Motor / EC Disc-Rotor-Motor
  • 4 poles, 230V/400V/50Hz/60Hz
  • with Fischbach EC-Controller IP54 / Frequency Inverter IP66 (EC-Motor)
  • adjustable by 0-10 Volts or controllable 0- 100% by voltage (standard motor)
  • insulation class F (155°) according to VDE0530
  • ErP conformity
  • bearings maintenance-free
  • user defined mounting position
  • several discharge directions
  • multi-functional applicable
Product Data Sheet (PDF)MotorVoltage
FMBT560 D-K2Standard400V
FMBT630 D-K2Standard400V

Kitchen Exhaust EASY Box Series

Product Data Sheet (PDF)Motor
FEB 355/E 25Standard
FEB 400/D 500Standard
FEB 400/E 35Standard
FEB 450/D 850Standard
FEB 450/E 80Standard
FEB 500/D 1Standard
FEB 560/D 2.5Standard

Kitchen exhaust CEK/CEK-EC

Kitchen exhaust – External Motor – CEK/CEK-EC. On request available in stainless steel or lacquered steel versions. For further information please have a look here.