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Fischbach axial fans always provides a fresh breeze.

Posted by: Valmir Ziba 26. July 2018 No Comments
Fischbach Axialventilatoren Offer July 2018

Fischbach axial fans used when larger volume flows have to be promoted with lower pressure increases. In addition to the application for ventilation of buildings or as duct fan, axial fans are used for cooling (automotive, industry and smoke extract (garage ventilation, industrial exhaust air).

Convince yourself of the Fischbach axial fans

Long-life ball bearings, maintenance free (with long-life lubrication), impellers made of plastic, low sound level, cost saving, easy mounting in any desired position possible.

  • Compact design
  • High-pressure cleaning possible
  • Comprehensive safety functions
  • Sensorless electronic assembly
  • Extremely low vibration
  • Variable installation sizes
  • Low installation costs
  • Fast amortization