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Freewheeling impeller FLR/FLR-EC Series

Fischbach Freewheeling Impeller FLR/FLR-EC Series

Fischbach Freewheeling Impeller FLR/FLR-EC Series Backview

Fischbach Freewheeling Impeller FLR/FLR-EC Series Sideview

  • Max. Volume: 15,500 m³ / h
  • FISCHBACH EC Disc-Rotor-Motor
  • 4-pole, 230V / 400V / 50Hz / 60Hz
  • with Fischbach EC controller IP54 / IP21 inverter / IP66
  • Adjustable speed via interface via 0-10 Volt
  • Insulation class F (155 ° C) to VDE 0530th
  • Motor protection IP 65 (electrical part) according to >DIN 40050 / CE mark.
  • ErP conformity

Aluminum impeller with backward curved blades, riveted or welded. Aggregate fine balanced according to ISO 1940 Part 1 to grade Q. 1.

Mounted on flange.

The EC-disc armature motor is operating sensorless and comes with a thermal contact.

Maximum operating temperature: 70 ° C.

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Diagram Overview

Product table of the Freewheeling impeller FLR / FLR-EC

Product Data Sheet (PDF)DataVoltageMotor
FLR355/E 15up to 3043 m³/h230VStandard
FLR400/E 25up to 4222 m³/h230VStandard
FLR450/E 35up to 6005 m³/h230VStandard
FLR500/E 65up to 7770 m³/h400VStandard
FLR560/D 1up to 11955 m³/h400VStandard
FLR630/D 2up to 15500 m³/h400VStandard
FLR355/EM 15up to 3280 m³/h230VEC-Motor
FLR400/EM 15up to 4760 m³/h230VEC-Motor
FLR450/DM 500up to 6650 m³/h400VEC-Motor
FLR500/DM 1up to 8700 m³/h400VEC-Motor
FLR560/DM 1up to 12117 m³/h400VEC-Motor
FLR630/DM 2up to 15425 m³/h400VEC-Motor

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