Centrifugal Fan Speed Controller FDR

Fischbach-Speed controller were constructed to control the speed of the disc-rotor-motors for the best operating point in fans, fan units or AHU (air handling units).

FRA, FDR, FREFDR stufenlosFDR stufenweise

Voltage adjustment by step switch. Single phase – 7 voltage steps. Three phase – 5 voltage steps

Speed control via rotary knob and scale (for any voltage between 0-100%)

In casing:
Complete ready for wiring with integrated contactor, on/off keys, motor overheating protection via thermal contacts in motor, secondary fuses or in case of types FDR 20/3, FDR 40/3, FDR 200/3, FDR 400/3 instead of fuses one or two motor protections relays adjustable according to the nominal current of the motor or each stator of double motor.

Without casing:
Just a tranformer with labeled connections.

Operation and function:
Operation of the fans via the on/off push button of the speed controller. The controller is interlinked with the thermal contacts in the fan motor. For motor overheating the thermal contact will switch the speed controller off (also the lamp). When operating the indicator light glows. Should the fan stop due to power failure, open thermal contacts, etc. the indicator light will extinguish.

When the speed controller is active, then on clamp T respectively 6 and N are 230 V voltage to connect a electromagnet valve or relay.

Dimensions, Connection, Installation of the Centrifugal Fan Speed Controller