Freewheeling Impeller Centrifugal Fans

Freewheeling impellers for AHU with backward curved impellers made of aluminum and 100% adjustable Disc-Rotor-Motor/EC Disc-Rotor-Motor. The particular curvature provides a high power density and simultaneously low running noise.

Freewheeling Impeller Centrifugal Fan FLR

Aluminum wheels (riveted/welded) with backward curved impellers and Fischbach Disc-Rotor-Motor/EC Disc-Rotor-Motor. With flange for direct mounting.

Freewheeling Impeller Centrifugal Fans FLRE

As previously with mounting frame made of stable steel structure. With fixed axle and rubber-metal connections (vibration) for smooth running.

Freewheeling Impeller Centrifugal Fans in Multi Box – FMB

FISCHBACH Multi Box with free-flow backward curved impeller made of aluminum (riveted/welded) and internal Fischbach Disc-Rotor-Motor/EC Disc-Rotor-Motor. Housing consisting of a robust frame design (aluminum) with 40mm cladding (insulation).